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What is AutoRun Function & How it will happen ?

Time:2017/11/24Post:Shenzhen DingBohui Technology Co., Ltd.
1.AutoRun Function Introduction

Custom USB Flash Drives supplied byszusbstick can support a function known as 'AutoRun', something which many 'off-the-shelf ' Flash Drives don't allow. This feature allows your preloaded data, such as a presentation, to launch automatically when the user plugs the custom USB Flash Drive into a computer. If you would like your flash drives to support Autorun, please inform us, as the drives must be formatted by szusbstick as 'Local Disk' rather than the usual 'Removal Storage' format. Learn more about formatting .

AutoRun works by the addition of an extra file to the root of the USB Flash Drive called AutoRun.inf. If you require Flashbay to preload your data, then we are happy to set the AutoRun function up for you. Alternatively, should you prefer to set it up yourself please read this FAQ article for detailed instructions.

2.Why use AutoRun?

When using custom USB Flash Drives as a marketing tool to distribute your company presentation, consider using AutoRun to ensure the most important document loads instantly when your customer plugs in the Flash Drive. Some companies like to AutoRun a Flash or HTML menu to structure navigation of documents stored on the Flash Drive.

Please note however that the latest computer operating systems have reduced their support for Autorun to tighten user security. As USB flash drives have become more common over the years, the large majority of users can easily find a presentation on a flash drive without the need for it to autorun.

3.With what Operating Systems will Autorun work?

Autorun Compatibility of Locked (Read Only) Partition of Dual Zone Flash Drive.

AutoRun supported, however operating system will prompt user with dialog box before Autorun can happen.

Note: Some companies prevent Flash Drives and CDs from AutoRunning on company computers by making changes to each computer's registry or network environment as a security precaution. However, our experience is that this is quite rare.
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