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Shenzhen Dingbohui Technology Add New Production Line for Power Bank
In order to meet increasing requirements for the power banks and Qi wireless power bank,Shenzhen Dingbohui Tech board of directors decide to expand its production line from 3 to 6 lines,which 3 lines special for power banks production and add one SMT machine for USB Order processing.Congratulations!
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How to Lock my USB Stick ?
If you want to protect your data from deletion by the final user then you require a  Dual Zone Flash Drive. This special Flash Drive unites the flexibility of a standard USB Flash Drive with the read-only nature of a CD-ROM. When you insert the Flash Drive into your USB port, 2 drive icons will appear: one is for the read-only CD-ROM zone and the other for a standard removable drive...
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Common Sense of First Use Mobile Power Bank
     Mobile phones have become a must-have product for mnost people, the power bank can not only charge the phone, you can also charge flat, and notebook, but there are a large number of people do not know how to use mobile power bank, this essay give a simple introduction about how to use it and something we have to take care.      1,About Accessories ...
[ 2016/12/20 ]more>>
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